The Best Trainings for Recovery of Injuries

One of the least pleasant faces of sport is injuries. They never arrive at a good time, that is clear and they demand additional discipline and rigor in order to be able to compete again.

To avoid all types of injuries or reduce possible damage, warm-up and post-training exercises are essential.

However, hard workouts or bad gestures can play tricks on us.

Therefore, we will discuss some of the training for recovery of injuries that contribute to accelerate and enhance the set-up.

Exercises for the recovery of knee injuries

1. Swimming and riding a static bicycle are very useful activities for the recovery of injury to a battered knee.

It is a dynamic exercise that is smooth to the joint. So they can even be carried out, prudently, before an intervention, to maintain the tone.

After the operation, these sports are essential to return to good training and recover well from the injury.

2. Another good resource for the recovery of injuries is the elevation of legs with the back lying on the ground and the opposite foot plant resting on it. It involves performing a series of ten or fifteen repetitions, raising the stretched leg to the height of the opposite knee.

A useful variant is to raise both legs at the same time a few centimeters from the ground and keep them like that for three or five seconds before lowering them and starting again. With this exercise, you will lock your core very much.

3. The flexion of the hamstrings, trying to touch the buttocks with the foot, and its elevation, sitting on a chair, are other interesting alternatives.

Exercises for the recovery of back injuries

When the problem is located in the back, it is also necessary to act with caution, although there are dynamics that allow accelerating the improvement.

1. Walking is a low impact physical activity that comes in handy. The same happens with the stretching of the arms behind the head.

2. Yoga also offers excellent solutions for relieving back pain and advancing your set-up.

3. However, the best alternative is, once again, to immerse you in the pool and swim frequently at a moderate and progressive pace.

Exercises for the recovery of injuries in the shoulder

1. For the recovery of injuries in which the damage is located on the shoulders, the frontal elevation of the arms is very suitable. It consists of slightly bending the knees, straightening the back, pushing the chest a little and, from the sides, lift both arms forward.

2. Making crosses with the arms above the head, doing push-ups on the wall and lifting the arms laterally are exercises that also work very well to recover from injuries.