Best Weighted Clothes for Resistance Training

Fitness enthusiasts who would like to achieve greater strength and stability from their resistance workouts should opt for weighted clothing. These clothing carry adjustable weights which can be decided based on user’s workout preferences. Some of the best-weighted clothes for resistance training are discussed below:

The Cross 101 Vest

The Cross 101 Vest is one of the most versatile weighted vests in the market. Its weight is 61lbs which can be adjusted based on the workout difficulty level and other requirements of the user. It comes with 20 different weights, each of 3lbs made of iron ore. Each weight fits comfortably in the pockets. It has more pockets for experienced and professional trainers who would like to buy more weights later.

The Titin Force Weighted Shirt System

Weighted shirt systems are very similar to vests, but they are lighter and provide more comfort and mobility. The Titin Force weighted shirt system comes in two layers- inner shirt with form-fitting gel weights and outer compression shirt. The inner shirt has 8lbs of form-fitting gel weights while the outer shirt has anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties which controls sweat and odor.

The Titin Force Weighted Short System

The Titin Force weighted short system are made in compression style and can be worn as an outer layer short. It uses 4.5lbs of weights using flexible gel weights. It has excellent compression and has anti-microbial features. The short system is also moisture wicking which removes any potential odors. These shorts come with a built-in comfortable belt to hold them in place during workout sessions.

The Gofit Weighted Aerobic Gloves

The Gofit weighted aerobic gloves weigh about 1lbs for each glove. This ensures adequate resistance during cardio workouts. These gloves are specifically designed for jogging, Zumba, kickboxing, and other forms of resistance training. The weights in each of the glove is made from iron sand which makes it comfortable for the users. The gloves are made from neoprene polyester which repels moisture and is very breathable thereby eliminating any odor after workouts. During washing, the weights can be removed from the gloves. 

All Pro Weight Adjustable Ankle Weights

Ankle weights are perfect for resistance training, jogging, leg exercises etc. the All Pro weight adjustable ankle weights come with 20 iron 1lbs weights which allows the users to adjust the weight according to the difficulty level of the workout. The product has adequate padding to protect the ankle and the Achilles tendons to prevent any injuries during workout. It also has Velcro straps which ensure a snug and comfortable fit.