Best Squat Racks for Your Home

A squat rack is an important piece of equipment for people looking to lift weight and bench press. The current article discusses the best squat racks available on the market for home gyms.

Rogue R4 Power Pack

The Rogue R4 is a mid-range squat rack. It is made from stainless steel and is extremely durable and stable workout equipment. It comes with a skinny and fat pull up bar. This squat rack offers a wide 41-inch cage width which is comfortable for most users to work inside the unit without feeling constricted. They can also do sumo squats inside. It also comes with Westside hole pattern with one-inch hole spacings. It also features J-cups, pin safeties, and band pegs.

Cap Barbell Power Squat Rack

This is an entry-level squat rack and is very reasonably priced at under $100. It comes with both 12 gauge and 14-gauge steel and the overall construction is very sturdy and durable. The powder coated frame adds longevity and prevents rust. There are two posts on the base of the rack which hold the weight plates and makes the plates easily accessible for adding to the barbell. This is a perfect squat rack for beginners which will allow them to work their confidence as they grow stronger.

Atlas Power Squat Rack

This squat rack is made from heavy steel which makes it very durable. It can hold weights up to 1000 pounds. It can be adjusted to 28 different positions providing for different heights and multiple exercise movements. It comes with chrome safety pins with one-inch spacing which lock into place for additional security. People weighing up to 200 pounds can easily exercise inside this squat rack.  It is very easy to assemble and provides excellent value for money to the customers.

Valor Fitness Power Rack

This squat rack is made from solid steel which makes it extremely durable. It features 8-inch plate storage pegs and 4 adjustable weight bars. It allows users to squat up to 585 pounds and bench at any angle. It is very compact and takes minimum space. It is ideal for serious squatters who want to indulge in heavy and intensive workout.

Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack

The Titan T-2 series short squat rack can be lowered to accommodate bench pressing. It provides adequate space for the users to workout inside. It comes with excellent build quality and is very durable. This squat rack is easy to assemble and ideal for people having little space as it is very compact.