Best Powerlifting Training Books

If you are here it is because you love powerlifting and you want to learn and increase your knowledge to be a better powerlifter. Knowledge is very important and that is why this has been mentioned intentionally for some of the best strength training books so you can enjoy reading and learning.

Cheap powerlifting books

Knowledge does not take place and that is why here it is shown you the best strength training books. They are also cheap powerlifting books so there is no excuse to learn more.

Improve to the maximum by applying this knowledge and make sure you progress quickly in the gym. It is a sure point that many times you do not know very well where the problem is or what you are doing wrong and that is when you have a serious problem. That is why buying a training book is crucial to keep improving and detecting these failures. Once detected you can solve them and destroy your old records.

Reasons to read a Powerlifting training book

The main reason is to learn and have fun reading a book about maximum strength training or any sport related to lifting weights. Especially in these sports, where there are a lot of coaches and athletes, it is crucial to train and update constantly. That’s why it’s so important to choose a good powerlifting book.

Here, listed below are brought to you like the best books so you can train in a simple, effective, fast and very cheap way. The authors have a great reputation internationally and are true specialists.

Each book will be classified within a category so that it becomes easy to decide to read these books stepwise according to the level of training:

Practical Programming for strength training by Mark Rippetoe

This helps to understand the tactic and planning which should exist in the power lighting and strength training regardless of any reason. It also shows and makes you understand the comparison between the basic, intermediate and advanced athletes.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

This book for many is the key book/holy book of the gym. Rippetoe puts special emphasis on bar exercise and some complex weight lifting exercises.

Powerlifting by Dan Austin

A simple reading book where Dan Austin gives the advice to train, prepare a competition, nutrition guidelines.

Lower body weight training by Tim Bishop

Book focused entirely on the training of the lower train, understanding the anatomy structure and also offering exercises and practice for its development.

Basics of strength training programming – Juan José Badillo

The book provides an integrated view of the training of weight lifting and the important biological factors in the organic response such kind of training.