Best Jump Ropes for Kids

Children are increasingly being confined to indoors due to a growing passion for video games and the internet. Buying them a good quality jump rope is ideal to get them started with outdoor games and physical activities which will stimulate their overall health and growth. There are many jump ropes for kids available in the market and the parents should ensure that they are buying the ideal one for their kids. Some of the most popular jump ropes for kids are as follows:

K-Roo Sports Double Dutch Jump Rope

These jump ropes come in beautiful red, blue, white segments which make it colorful and patriotic also. It is safe for all age groups and made from nylon which is highly durable. The shatterproof colored segments on the rope add weight to it for better speed and precision. The faster the jumper, the easier it is for them to turn the rope. The rope is long enough to fit three jumpers at a time and come with no-slip grip suitable for all hand sizes.

Green Toys Jump Rope

This 7-feet jumping rope for kids is made using `100% recycled cotton and plastics. It is non-toxic and does not contain BPA, PVC or phthalates. The packaging of the rope is also done using eco-friendly materials. The rope handle comes in green color which reinforces the eco-friendliness of the jump rope. It is a perfect jump rope for kids as it is free from any harmful and toxic materials.

Nona Active Jump Rope

The Nona-Active jump rope is 9.8 feet in length which can be adjusted based on the user’s need. It can also be adjusted according to the children’s height. The rope is tangle free which is important for children. It comes with soft foam handles which are comfortable to hold for children with small hands. The rope is Consumer Product Safety Commission-certified. It comes along with a flying disc and skipping song books consisting of 83 childhood jingles.

Art Creativity Rainbow Jump Rope

The Art Creativity Rainbow jump rope is made from nylon which makes it durable. It is a 5-feet long rope with bright rainbow colors which make it attractive and playful for the children. It comes in a pack of 12 ropes and is perfect as gifting ideas for children.

Doc McStuffins Jump Rope

The Doc McStuffins jump rope makes good use of the cartoon characters to make the rope for cheerful and playful for children. It is a 7-feet long jump rope with Lambie featured on one handle and stuffy featured on the other handle. Several kids can enjoy jumping with this rope simultaneously.